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Yvoire & Evian Day Trip

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Discover the beautiful, charming and historic French towns of Evian & Yvoire.

From CHF 550

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• Depart Geneva for Yvoire. Journey Time 30 mins.

• Explore Yvoire Chateau and Church Saint Pancras

• Visit the Labyrith Garden of the Five senses.

• Lunch and free time in the incredible medieval city.

• Journey to Evian - with lakeside tour.

• Return to Geneva.



  • Includes private hire travel and driver for 8 hours including stops, in air conditioned, executive style vehicle, with bottled water.




Located on the southern shores of Lake Geneva, these famous French towns are beautiful, both rich in culture and history. The rural setting will send you back to centuries past, littered with historic architechture there is no better place to explore.


Yvoire Medieval Village

Yvoire is a medieval village built in the early 14th century. Located on the French shore of Lake Geneva, between Geneva and Evian, the village of Yvoire is nicknamed the “gem of the lake”. Visiting Yvoire is like stepping back in time. Wonderful floral displays and excellent ‘olde’ restaurants make this a top day trip for tourists.



Chateau d'Yvoire and Saint Pancras Church

See the stunning Chateau and church whilst exploring this fortified village. The Chateau dates back to the 14th century, nestled on the harbour its turrets dominate the Yvoire skyline. The stunning Saint Pancras Church is hard to miss in this quaint village, the sparkling metallic dome catches the sun and its gold leaf weather vain draws the eye, easily found when wandering the cobbled streets littered with local artisans of all sorts. 


The Garden of the Five Senses...

A maze of vegetation inspired by the walled gardens of the Middle Ages, and classified a “Remarkable Garden” by the Ministry of Culture. Visitors are invited to discover the universe of colour, taste, scent, texture and sound which changes with the hours and the seasons. Antique roses, fruit trees, medicinal and aromatic plants, aviaries and fountains make an enchanting stroll during which time seems to stand still.



Evian is a beautiful town which first became known to visitors with the discovery of its famous mineral water and natural springs. The town boasts incredible views of the Alps with the lakes crystal clear waters providing a stunning backdrop. The walk along the lakeside is particularly nice with views across to Switzerland on one side and some fabulous buildings including the Palais Lumiere, the famous Casino and Theatre on the other.


  1. Geneva
  2. Yvoire
  3. Évian-les-Bains